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    The city hosts most of the tech companies in Silicon Valley and this has enabled it to become one of the largest and richest cities in the US. Data shows that drivers here pay anywhere between $987 and $2,726 for their car insurance, with the average being slightly higher than the California average of $1,415.

     Insurance Factors — How can you reduce premiums in San Jose, CA?

    Bargain hunters must understand that the premiums vary from one individual to another depending on circumstances. Insurance companies like to reward those that have proven to be careful drivers and reliable clients. They also look into:

    • Location — San Jose is a big city with some streets brimming with cars and people. When plenty of cars share the road, the chance of collision rises. That is why most urban locations tend to have higher average premiums compared to small towns. It is the tenth largest US city with a population of 945,942 in 2010, nearly equally divided between male and female. Its population density of 5,410 people for every square mile is within the typical range.
    • Driving to Work — Save for those who work at home, everyone has to go through the daily ritual of commuting to the office. Those with a standard schedule tend to get caught in the rush hour traffic and studies have shown that this makes them vulnerable to vehicular accidents. Due to the risk, their insurance payments are higher than those who have a flexible or unusual schedule. There were 4.6 fatal accidents per 100,000 recorded in the city during 2009, lower than the state figure of 5.5.
    • Auto Thefts — No one wants to have their precious car stolen and even insurance companies provide incentives for people to implement better security measures. After all, they wouldn’t want to shell out for claims for something that is entirely avoidable. If you have an expensive car or a model that is usually stolen as per police reports, consider placing warning and tracing mechanisms to prevent a theft or recover the car quickly just in case.
    • Education — Another way to get rate cuts is to get good grades in school or to show proof of completion of a college degree. The technology-inclined population of Silicon Valley should find this comforting and indeed, the city is in the position to benefit greatly with 20.8% of its residents holding a bachelor’s degree compared to 17.1% for the state of California. High school graduates, meanwhile, are at 18.1 compared to 20.1% for the state.

    Technology has buoyed the city’s economy and now it is enabling more people to avail of cheap car insurance in San Jose CA. Use the search box on californiaautoinsuranceca.com and you will be amazed at the wealth of information you will uncover.

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