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    Typical automobile insurance prices in Sacramento can run as high as $1,501 per year for most drivers. Prices in Sacramento can vary by hundreds of dollars based on your zip code. Some Sacramento zip code insurance prices are below the state average.

    Insurance Factors — how much will you be paying for car insurance in Sacramento, California?

    Providers of insurance are in the business of covering risks. When setting rates, a number of factors are used to determine the calculated risks on any given auto and driver. These items will include obvious items like your driving record. Rates can also reflect less obvious details like your teen’s school grades. Other factor affecting rates include:

    • Location — It’s a fact of life that living in a larger city will mean higher insurance rates. From the insurance provider’s perspective, more drivers mean more risk of accidents. Sacramento is a little unique in that that auto insurance rates are highly dependent on the zip code you live in in the city. Sacramento has a population of 460,242 and a population density of 4,189 people per square mile.
    • Driving To Work — Applying the same concept of risk, driving a long way to and from work in rush hour can increase your insurance rates. Avoiding commuting can at these times can save money. Sacramento commuters spend 20-25 minutes getting to work. There were 17 fatal accidents per 100,000 people reported in 2010.
    • Auto Thefts — Certain areas of the state and cities are more prone to auto thefts than others. While you can’t control the number of thefts, you can check to see if your model is one of the more frequently stolen. You can also earn discounts for auto theft deterrence devices. Sacramento police reported that were 3,335 automobile thefts during 2010.
    • Education — Insurance providers also assign risk to individuals based in part on their educational achievement. A college graduate will generally pay less than someone who did not graduate from high school. The companies also factor in general education levels in the city of the insured. Sacramento shows slightly over 20% of its residents as undergrad students and over 4% as college graduates and professionals.

    If you have never really shopped for cheap car insurance in Sacramento, CA, it can be tempting to not make the effort. That is a mistake, because you are probably paying hundreds of dollars a year that you could save. Websites that automate the comparison process, like Californiaautoinsuranceca.com have done all the work in gathering all the information. You just enter a few answers in the quote widget below, and you will be amazed at what you can save today.

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