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    The City of Angels may be filled with high rollers but it is also home to many dreamers and regular folks who appreciate less bills. The standard premium paid for automobile insurance around the city is at $1,678 while the rate for the county is lower by 1.59%. For the whole state, the average is also lower by a substantial 14%.

     Insurance Factors — Let’s look at what drives rates up or down in Los Angeles, CA

    To understand why a city’s population could pay so much more than their neighbors, we will have to scrutinize the things that influence the decision of insurance companies. The case is not isolated in CA; cheap car insurance in Los Angeles, CA can still be found, though, with the right resources and information. For instance, it should be apparent that driving history will affect the evaluation, but a wider net must be cast for a thorough appreciation of the subject.

    • Location — A person’s place of residence matters because it is where he or she will be driving around the most. Insurance companies frown upon a bustling metropolis like LA as it tends to have a huge population and an equally massive amount of vehicles on the road. This means lots of traffic and many other headaches. Los Angeles is among the biggest cities in the US with 3,792,621 residents counted during the 2010 survey. The population density is pegged at 8,085 persons for every sq mi.
    • Driving to Work — A steady 9-to-5 office job is great for stability but not so much for daily commutes. It forces people to flood the roads all the same time in an effort to get to work on time. This sometimes results in over-speeding, errant swerving, and similar behaviors that can lead to accidents. People in LA endure close to half an hour of commuting every morning.
    • Auto Thefts — Waking up to find the car gone is one of the worst nightmares for car owners. It is also a headache that insurance companies would rather avoid and so they implement measures to promote better security, like giving rate cuts to those who install locks and trackers to their units. Los Angeles roads are teeming with fancy cars so it is no surprise that auto theft here is among the worst in the country with over 17,046 incidents in one year.
    • Education — Insurance providers have been known to shower discounts on college students with good grades. Degree holders and higher can avail of the same. This would benefit at least 16% of the city’s population which have finished their tertiary education, a figure just shy of the California average.

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