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    Long Beach is a popular city in the West Coast and is the seventh largest in the state of California. The latest figures show that residents generally shell out somewhere in the range of $1,114 to $2,786 for automobile insurance coverage. The average works out to be much higher than the $1,415 state mean.

    Contemplating Relevant Insurance Factors for Rate Reduction

    By learning the rules of the game, car owners will be in a better position to understand why rates are set as they are. Some of these are fairly rigid while others offer options that can be seized to one’s advantage. Things like car age and color are obvious but some unlikely factors are equally important, if not more so:

    • Location — It’s a fact that more accidents happen in the metropolis than in sleepy towns. The volume of cars on the road and the frenetic pace of life in the city form a lethal combination. Where there is high risk, there are high premium rates, and so it is for Long Beach. The last official tally in 2010 pegged its population at 462,257 and density at a rather elevated 9,164 people for every square mile.
    • Driving to Work — Going to the office is an everyday necessity, but people differ with regards to their schedules. Most get caught up in the morning rush while others drive during unconventional hours when traffic is light. Those in the former group are in greater risk of being involved in road mishaps so they pay more than the latter group. Commuting in Long Beach takes only 28.7 minutes for most. The number of fatalities due to accidents in 2009 was at 6.1 versus the state’s 5.5 per 100,000.
    • Auto Thefts — The lack of viable public transportation system in most areas in the US makes car ownership a simple matter of practicality. Stolen vehicles present a big inconvenience, not to mention the financial blow. Insurance can take care of this but companies would of course want to avoid such scenarios by enticing owners with discounts if they install anti-theft devices. In 2011, car thefts in Long Beach rose slightly to 2,212 from 2,189 in 2010.
    • Education — Degree holders can rejoice as they may get a discount from insurance providers. A good 15.8% of Long Beach residents have finished college while 18.8% have gotten a high school diploma. In contrast, California figures are at 17.1% and 20.1%.

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